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I Want to Live My Life to the Absolute Fullest

Lagi amat suka sama iklan terbarunya Nutrilon versi Life is an Adventure 2. Semuanya pas, dan saya merasa impian masa kecil saya, keingintahuan masa kecil saya, dan hasrat masa kecil saya tertuang semua di sana.

and here is what she said:

“i wanna make clouds
i want to jump over fences
play with shadows
paint faces
get wet
eat wind
chase rainbows
and collect starts
life is an adventure”

Iklan pertama dalam versi yang sama juga ga kalah kerennya.

“i want to live my life to the absolute fullest
to open my eyes to be all i can be
to travel roads not taken
to meet faces unknown
to feel the wind
to touch the stars
i promise to discover my self
to stand tall with greatness
to chase down and catch every dream
life is an adventure”

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