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Everything Must Come to an End

When life gets hard
Go on.. well yeah this is life

When life gets tricky
Go on.. well yeah this is life

When life has come to the end
You can’t go on.. well yeah, that’s the end

Rest in peace my beloved mBah Di.. we will miss you here.. :’)

this is my Father with mBah Di when my family go to his house in Lebaran 2010. I really love his laugh… Now mBah Di is resting in peace there πŸ™‚

On The Line

Hi blog,
so sorry for my absence lately


No, no,
I’m not leaving you
I’m just being so busy doing my things

Pardon? What things?

Yeah, that things, you know


C’mon, I know you already know
You are a part of it
You know what I feel

Got it now?
Ya.. I know you would

Write some posts?
Nah, just drop by to say hi
I’m sorry but it’s not a good time still
Got so many THINGS i should take care of
You know it will be great

Ya, I know you know me well
and have that patience
to get the best πŸ™‚

Ya, I have to go now
It’s already late
Gotta go to bed

Okay, I will


Ya, I will sleep well

Okay, I won’t leave my prayer

Okay, okay, really gotta go now
Nite blog πŸ™‚

PS: Just pretending that I have this conversation with ‘this blog’ on the line. And just made an excuse to not posting somethings in the meantime.