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nophindahoz, noviana indah

Still, a proud translator – a bipolar disorder victim – a lover.

Inspired a lot by every fashion blogger, they got their own style, and I’m trying hard to find mine.

Barely understand about fashion and cosmetics, but eager to know more. Never hesitate to learn those with me. Send me message :).

And I’m just so unique.

24 thoughts on “Me”

  1. kesimpulan… cakep bgt… manis manja… tp… tp… EDAN BANGEDH!!!! suer gila loe miss… loe toe bener2 gue bgt… (maksude koyok Q…. gudhu tipe ce…tp lek nemu kodew koyok umak ndek dalan yo g popo c… nayamul… masio ngene diumbah yo sek ketok rodo apik…) peace man…

    1. wuakakakaka… dasar machiko edyan! yoi bogie, enak dadi arek kek ngene, unik, nyante ae.. just do life as it is… God knows da bes 4 us.. 😀 peace pisan! hahaha :mrgreen:

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